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  • JhonX

    Those rules are simple but really very effective for a person.

  • Clara

    Thanks for the post! I think this is the major rules of life as well.

  • Allen

    I should follow this as guide! :-) Very nice..

  • Marsha Sanchez

    This post is one of my favorite! :-) thanks for sharing this FTD…

  • Tittery

    Thanks for sharing this great rules. I know about the rules and also know if I can maintain this rules then I’ll be a great man.

  • Alicia Hamilton

    This 3 life simple rules has connection to all your actions in life! first go after you want by planning it carefully, then ask the opinions of experienced people and put action every plans you had made! then you will achieve fulfillment! :-)

  • Lovina

    It is indeed simple yet meaningful rules of life!

  • Tim Clerk

    I always try to maintain the above rules. But, I think the rules that pointed in 2, it’s the initial step to make one wiser and I know, if you don’t ask anyone, definitely the answer will be no.

    • Mae

      I agree Tim, there’s nothing wrong to ask anyway. :-)

  • Bolt

    The major rules of life!!

  • Karen

    I love this! Most especially that #1 if you won’t go after what you want, you’ll never get it! Everything must be put into action in order to achieve your goals!