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Girl With Nose Cut Off By Taliban Gets New Face


Woman whose nose was cut off for leaving her abusive husband gets a new face.

Aesha Mohammadzai was forced into a marriage with a Taliban fighter at the age of 12.


Throughout her marriage, her husband and his family treated her cruelly and often made her sleep with the animals.

“Every day I was abused by my husband and his family. Mentally and physically. Then one day it became unbearable so I ran away.”

She tried to run away from her marriage, but was captured. She was sent back to her family after she served her sentence.

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When she returned to her marital home, her husband punished her by mutilating her face.

“That night they took me to the mountains.”

“They tied my hands and my feet. They said my punishment was to cut my nose and ears. And then they started to do it.”

Aesha, who was 22 years old at the time, was left for dead in the mountains. Miraculously, she was able to crawl to her grandfather’s house.

The young woman was taken to an American medical facility where her injuries were treated. A charity had her flown from Afghanistan to the USA where she stayed with a host family. She also received education for the first time.

Doctors have now reconstructed her face which Aesha says she is “happy” with.

“I want to tell all women who are suffering abuse to be strong. Never give up and don’t lose hope.”

Watch Aesha’s interview with Diane Sawyer in 2010:

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  • sinzakhan

    her husband is so stupid i am so sad abuot her god bless her with alot of happinesss

  • Doln Holmes

    That husband of hers and his family members who torched the girl are supposed to be sentence and be heavily punished

  • Dickson

    How cruel is her husband? he had no sense of mercy/

  • Clifford Wanenonli

    Now that she has a new face, let her put everything behind and enjoy her life

  • Vicrotia Brians

    God bless the well wisher who helped this girl, at-least now she has a reason to smile about