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Alexa Vega In Machete Kills: Bikini Photo

Alexa Vega is looking HOT in a bikini and chaps in “Machete Kills.”

Vega was only 13 years old when she starred in Robert Rodriguez’ film “Spy Kids.”

Now Vega’s 24 and showing that she’s all grown up.

She’s part of the cast of Rodriguez’ 2013 “Machete Kills.” She stars along side actors Danny Trejo, Antonio Banderas and Jessica Alba.

Check out her interview for Spy Kids 4

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  • Dell stein

    looks like a great movie to me.

  • Xamtion

    Umm, when is this movie coming out?

  • Masum

    She’s in great shape, that is for sure. Yet another hottie to join the cast.

  • Leo

    She looks amazing :)

  • JhonX

    Never saw Spy Kids so this doesn’t make me feel the least bit ashamed.

  • Hannah

    I thought the younger actresses that are working and successful were getting away from the implants.

  • Tim Clerk

    Now that is an excellent body!

  • Favio

    Totally awesome! She is looking so sexy with this dress!

  • Tittery

    She is looking too hot 😉