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Girl Gets Butt Hole Tattoo! (VIDEO)

Warning: Video is not suitable for work viewing (NSFW)

woman getting an anal tattoo

This woman gets a butt hole tattoo not once, but twice.

This woman says it is a new tattoo trend.

She received her second anal tattoo while attending the 17th annual South Florida Tattoo Expo held at the Marriott Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center in Coral Springs, Florida.

Some people believe it’s a “cool” idea. One attendee said, “it’s kind of a neat thing to do.”

The woman has had her hole tattooed with her boyfriend’s name on it.

She admits that she has the names of two men tattooed on it.

Do you have a tattoo? Would you consider getting a tattoo down under or is just too weird?

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  • C-Note

    Tats are for trash. Period. Get some self esteem.

    • Tcom4

      What about those of us who are tatted that do have self-esteem. I’m a confident person and I have tattoos. Not for attention but because tattoos allow me to become a piece of human art.

  • George T Coggins

    “i had 2 guys names on it!” WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK FUCK. yeah ill pass id like to skip on the herpes and anything else crawlin around inside of her…i mean it.

  • Kayla Johns

    I have a tattoo, and I would kill for another one, would I ever want to put a tattoo on my ass, let alone in the butt hole? Oh god no, my ass is hurting just from thinking about it.

  • Guest

    women like her are good for 1 time around, after that get rid of them.

    • George T Coggins

      i wouldnt even go one time. herpes doesnt need a second time lol

  • Guest

    women like this are good for one fu:ck. after that get rid of em.

  • k1mo

    DAFUq ?

  • Me

    trash – look at me! Look at me! That is ugly cheap and nasty. I’m all for doing your own thing – but that is a sewer rat begging for attention. 

    • Rodrigo Tarta De Manzana


  • Ciindyska

    that chick needs to do porn

  • Alisha Curry

    this chick is trippin out on something.. its a stupid idea lol

  • Lis4ton

    She’s pilled up. Ecstasy !