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Overly Sexual Breast Cancer PSA (VIDEO)

Not everyone is too pleased with this new PSA on Breast Cancer Awareness created by Chilean agency Lowe Porta, Santiago. The ad is highly sexualized placing the focus on women’s breasts rather than the women themselves. Shots of cleavage, breast feeding, even more intimate moments are shown throughout the ad. It appears that the target is more male based, but does this really make them more aware of Breast Cancer?

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  • Katie

    they all look the same! how about some of different sizes and colour huh? we’re not all freaking a Dcup. I find this ad extremely offensive!

  • sri


  • Meski

    There’s lots of tramps out there!

  • Jones

    A perfectly effective and reasonable ad. Loved it!!

  • Tom Warrior

    There’s no reason why a women’s breasts have to be sexual. People have labelled them as such so naturally they’re seen in a sexual light. If women went topless, after a while no one would pay a whole lot of attention to them.

  • Sheri

    Really the best video I have ever seen.

  • Fatema

    It will make guys more aware about something.

  • Elly

    All depends who’s looking at them 😉