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  • Daniel Micheal

    Smokers already are aware of consequences of smoking, they just ignore,

  • Doln Holmes

    Nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide are just but a few of the harmful substances in smoking. Smokers please quit smoking.

  • Pete Franklin

    Some accredit smoking to their self implied stress levels which sometimes helps out….but in the end….stress is not much of a killer as cigarettes are.

  • Pete Franklin

    People should open their eyes.

  • Pete Franklin

    Talk of slow death. Can’t understand why people smoke! Whereas the effects of smoking are right in front of you.

  • Florence Kiddy

    Need to show my nephew this page!! He is a heavy smoker!

  • Clifford Wanenonli

    I quit smoking after i developed symptoms of cancer… spread the word….it kills!!!

  • Harry David

    Makes me think twice about taking this next puff!!

  • Benjamin

    Really scarey,clear to point.

  • Derick

    They are really fabulous.