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Hairy Vagina Joanna Krupa PETA Ad (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Miama Reality star Joanna Krupa takes it off for PETA. The racy ad leaves her topless with fur tucked into her bottoms. The ad is intended to show how wearing fur is ridiculous. “These animals get skinned alive, they get electrocuted, they get drowned. They’re raised only for fashion and that’s what drives me crazy that people still [wear fur] in 2012. We’re not in the caveman era anymore. There’s no reason to wear fur”, Krupa states in a press release.

Krupa is no stranger to racy ads. In 2010, she posed nude with angel winds and a cruifix, covering her body. This will be her third PETA campaign. PETA is definitely catching more and more attention with naked celebrities!

Other celebs in the PETA campaigns include: Holly Madison, Pamela Anderson, Tamara Ecclestone, Lisa Edelstein and yes, even The Situation from Jersey Shore.

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  • William B

    Ha..ha..haa… This video is really awesome 😉

  • Sheri

    Busty hairy lady.. Really unattractive :(

  • Jones

    Why they avoid fur? Isn’t it a joke? I think these bloody girls are really like to show their nude body to the media >;< Mad!!

  • Knijov Dimitri

    Ha..ha..ha… What a joke by PETA!! I’m laughing after reading this post :)

  • Tittery

    I thinks it’s really too much >;<

  • JhonX

    She might be forget to cut them 😉

  • Keron Evans

    Is it weird that I still find her attractive even with the bush?