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Girl Almost Beheaded By Train

This girl was almost decapitated by an oncoming train.

The video shows a young girl sticking her head out of a moving train unaware of an oncoming train coming from the opposite direction.

She and friends were laughing and joking around. One of the male friends suggested that she stick her head out of the window.

The girl does what she was told and smiles for the camera. She ducks inside as the train passes theirs. She quickly realized what happened.

She was clearly shaken after her near-miss incident.

The picture taken of the girl with an oncoming train would remind her that things could have easily turned bad in a split second with this reckless prank.

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  • Hussain

    Huhh… Its crazy how close that was, that would have been a sad way to end what looks like a fun trip they were having.

  • Yoga Lee

    The video looks close, but are the trains really so close that it would have hit her head?

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Clearly, this is shot in Europe or Asia because no trains in America look like that. Modern passenger Trains in America also do not have opening windows like that.

  • Irena

    Seriously? That’s not the first thing I would have said. Nor would I have been laughing. Her friends are real bus***d >i<

  • Gerry C

    “Girl almost beheaded by train” But I can see the train was far from her head!!

  • Povoloski

    Just imagine, how awesome this video would have been if she did get decapitated!

  • Favio

    Final Destination scenario right here…

  • Elly

    I wouldn’t have been laughing, she could have died!

  • Fatema

    OMG! Dangerous! She would have died if she didn’t realized that the train was coming.