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Girlfriend Gets Run Over By Jealous Mistress In Car

The shocking incident, which took place in Tennessee, was captured on a mobile phone camera from a window across the street, before being uploaded to a video sharing site.
At the beginning of the footage the girlfriend, wearing a white t-shirt, is talking to a man who appears to be her boyfriend in a residential parking lot.

The person filming the videos is heard saying, quote :“We’re going to watch them kill each other and enjoy it,”

“Hit that hoe,” the cameraman urges.

On cue, the girlfriend starts to throw a number of items from her car at the shitty boyfriend as he tries to escape her wrath.

Moments later she takes another object from inside the car and runs to the opposite side of the parking lot where she hurls it at the other woman’s car, which is sitting just off camera.

A heavy crunching noise can be heard off-screen before the silver vehicle pulls into the frame, driving towards the parking exit.