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Girl’s Rare Condition Made Tongue Grow Non-stop

Olivia Gillis was born with a rare condition that made her tongue to keep growing.

Surgeons operated on her tongue in order to make it stop growing.

Olivia’s mother, Emma, said, Our big fear was that she would suffocate. To see her smiling now melts my heart.”

As you can see, Olivia has now recovered from her operation and smiling from ear to ear.

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  • William B

    It’s really great to heard that she get cured :)

  • BoyDeppy

    I had seen a patient like this but, I don’t know now he is okay or not!

  • Kevin

    Present medical science is really superb to cured anyone!

  • Irena

    The baby is now okay! That’s fine!!

  • Yoga Lee

    What was the disease? Rare, yeah!

  • Elly

    Great to hear that :)