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Mother Gives Birth And Gets Flesh-eating Bacteria

After giving birth last week at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Lana Kuykendall was allowed to go home. A day later she noticed an unusual spot on her leg.

The spot was about the size of a her palm. But six hours later it was the size of a sheet of paper.

Kayla Moon, Kuykendall’s friend, described the spot as “a bruise with a red outline.”

The new mother soon was checked into Greenville Memorial Hospital just a little over 12 hours after she came home from Emory.

Doctors had determined that she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. Four surgeries were performed on Lana in six days. Tissue from her leg was removed to keep the bacteria from spreading.

While Lana is confined in the hospital with her husband on her side, her friends are helping take care of their twins.

Meanwhile Emory University Hospital released a statement:

“Due to privacy regulations, we are not able to discuss our patient’s care and treatment.”

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