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Riders Stuck 300 Ft In Amusement Park In California

Riders were stuck 300 feet in the air when an amusement park ride malfunction in California’s Knott’s Berry Farm Park.

Around 20 riders were left dangling in the Windseeker ride as they waited for park maintenance crew to fix the problem. They were stuck for two hours before they were safely brought back down by park crews.

The park released a statement Wednesday night saying: “Safety is Knott’s number one priority and we are committed to the protection of all our guests. Each of our rides is inspected, check-listed and properly maintained daily. Knott’s will continue to consistently monitor and inspect the rides and operation thereof.”

The ride will remain closed while park officials investigate the reason behind its malfunction.

News helicopter passes by stuck riders in the Windseeker

Riders stuck on the Windseeker at Knott's Berry Ride

Windseeker rider still stuck when night falls
Windseeker riders still stuck when night falls

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