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Sex Abuse Cover-up In Jewish Sect

rabbi rosenberg walking on sidewalkUltra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish leaders in Brooklyn, New York allegedly covers up sex abuse in their community.

Rabbi Rosenberg said that there is sex abuse going on in the community. He claims that one out of five children in their community had been molested.

He has opened up a hotline for victims and their families.

However, the community sees him as a traitor for accusing the leaders of sex abuse cover up.

The Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community are openly distrustful of police and outsiders. Because of this they typically report crime of child abuse to religious elders instead of police.

As CNN reporter, Gary tried to talk to locals in that area, they avoided talking to him. When someone did agree to be interviewed, the man is convinced that it would never happen in their community.

He said, “In this neighborhood it cannot happen.”

Pearl Engelman, a member of the community, said her son was molested 20 years ago by a school official. It started when he was 8 years old.

She told the leaders of the community, but nothing was done.

Engelman also claims the Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hines, protects the abusers. She said he cares more about the community’s votes than prosecuting the abusers.

According to the report, Hines does not release suspect names which is typically normal procedure.

After the report, Hines has agreed to release suspects names only if the victim’s families agree to it.

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