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Some Technical Reasons To Dislike the 2013 Oscars

It’s the day after the Oscar’s again,prompting the usual cries of this was the wort Oscar’s ever! Just like it was last year. Was it the worst Oscar’s god no. If you went in with a pre-determined hatred of Seth Macfarlane then yes I suppose it was. Seth Macfarlane is Seth Macfarlane some of the jokes were offensive others were just people being think skinned. I’m sorry but it’s true; if you thought the boob song was juvenile then well congratulations yo’re right. Misogynist umm, we did see their boobs unless they were forced into showing them nobody should feel embarrassed. I wonder if the outrage would have been so loud if the song had been we saw your dick. But this post isn’t about comedic intent, political correctness…

Let’s talk about what really held this show back, the Oscar’s is an institution and so are those who produce/coordinate it. Not to be callous but some of the technical advisers may be passing their prime, namely the editors, creative directors and sound mixers. Sound Mixing first, it was simply atrocious, the music absolutely overpowered the mics, in every singing performance, and during the informative dialogue about the films and the winners. It was largely detracting especially with a show themed around music.
Then there were the tributes, specifically the Bond tribute, this tribute was lazy and disappointed showcasing only the main theme and some chords from the other iconic songs. It looked like an ad for the extreme bluray disc collection rather than a celebration of the franchise. Shirley Bassey looked fantastic and sounded stunning, but again the sound mixing drowned out all but her most heartfelt notes. The memorial was tastefully done with a good mix of sound bytes, visuals and photos. Unlike the awards for make up, costume design etc… which showed a stagnant photograph rather than any true representation of preparation or transformation.

Winner shocks depend on your tolerance for the actors in question, but I would be so bold as to state that Jennifer Lawrence’s win would have been called an upset was she not the girl on fire.

Despite what people are saying this was a better show than last year, and probably as offensive should any choose to remember last years’ blackface fiasco.

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