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Couple Tear Down Neighbor’s Home For View

million dollar home demolished to make a garden

Homeowners in California destroyed their neighbors home to give themselves a view. Mark and Sharon Winslow own a house that is worth 19.2 million dollars. It is a 5 story house with a 60 foot pool and situated on the bay. So what was missing? A garden and a view. The owners decided to purchase…

Woman Sued For Sending Text To Driver

image of couple riding on mortocycle

A woman is sued for sending a text to her boyfriend while driving and causing an accident. The couple’s attorney who is suing the young woman say that she distracted her boyfriend with her text who then crashed into a couple riding a motorcycle. The couple both lost their left legs in the accident. Their…

Seattle Couple Plead Guilty to Defrauding Welfare

A Seattle couple has pleaded guilty to welfare theft. After years of defrauding the welfare system they finally had been brought to justice. The couple, 60-year-old David Silverstein and 53-year-old Lyudmila Shimonova lived in a life of luxury. The undated image above was the waterfront home the couple lived in while raking in welfare funds….