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Crazy Woman Apprehended On Bus (VIDEO)

Three men tried to remove a woman who some say was “crazy” from a bus. Users who posted the video claim she escaped from a mental institution and that is why she was taken off the bus. A man dressed in a security uniform and two man dressed in blue scrubs subdued her while she…

Surrogate Mother Calls It Quits After 13 Babies

Carole Horlock is pregnant with her 13th baby and at age 46, she has decided to stop being a surrogate mother. She is the world’s most prolific surrogate. Some people criticize her for giving up her own babies while others give her the utmost admiration for helping others who cannot have children of their own….

Pizza Man Pees on Customer’s Door

It is standard practice to tip the pizza man but this Des Moines, Iowa resident just didn’t have the cash. As a result of being stiffed, the pizza man unzipped his pants and peed on her door. Unfortunately for him he was caught on video. The manager of the Pizza Hut came to the property…

Miley Cyrus Offered $1 Million to Do Softcore Porn

Miley Cyrus has had some scandals of a provocative nature in the past (that awkward photoshoot with father Billy Ray Cyrus) in her attempts to be seen more maturely. Breaking out onto the scene as Hannah Montanna, the Disney star has come far from that wholesome image. Miley was recently featured in a music video…

Crazy Toyota Auris Ad (VIDEO)

woman in Toyota Auris commercial

Crazy video of the week: A Toyota commercial in Japan The video ad starts off with a beautiful woman wearing a red bikini and a cover-up walking towards a brand new Auris CM. A close up of her face and then her butt was shown throughout the video. She removed the cover-up as she gets…