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Couple Cut Off Their Heads At Wedding Ceremony & Eat Each Other – Cake

Couple create gruesome wedding cake made of their own bloody severed heads. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Rob Ford Admits To Smoking Crack : – Couple Decapitated Heads Cake : – Katy Perry Most Followed : – Tweeting Bra :

92 yr Old Man Marries 22 yr Old Woman

A 92 year old man,Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie, marries a 22 year old woman. That’s a 70 year difference. Plus more news highlights **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – 92 yr Old Marries 22 yr Old: – 777 Plane Crash: – My Jamaica Trip: – Heidi Klum Exposes Butt: – Banned For Wearing Bikini:

Bride Kidnapping Tradition In Kyrgyzstan

girl being kidnapped to force into marriage

In rural Kyrgyzstan men still take part in bride kidnapping to get married. The tradition says that a man can take any woman in the streets to force her into marriage. The man normally gathers friends and family to kidnap the woman. The woman is brought in, dressed in a wedding dress, and married the…

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

people dancing on top of clothing shelves at the Gap

A man setup a flash mob marriage proposal to Chris Brown’s tracks at a Toronto mall. The flash mob started inside a Gap store. Several dancers climbed up clothing shelves to dance to Chris Brown’s track. The dancing then moved outside of the store into the middle of the mall. Many joined in to dance….