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Woman Stuck Between Walls Of Building For Hours (VIDEO)

A woman was trapped between a building and a cinderblock for hours. Firemen has to cut through the blocks in order to her out. The rescue workers were able to safely cut through the block. But the woman had to push her way out because there was only a narrow space between the building and…

Ice Rescue Gone Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

A rescue attempt when a man fell into a frozen lake went all wrong. At least a dozen people were sledding close to Jackson Lake near Wrightwood, California when the incident happened. One of the sledders went pass the ice’s edge and ended up in the ice cold water. Mickey Herman, the person who recorded…

Lifeguard Fired For Saving Drowning Swimmer

Lifeguard Tomas Lopez was fired for helping to save a drowning man. The company Tomas works under, Jeff Ellis and Associates, says that he broke a company policy and could have possibly to other beach-goers at risk. In shocking disbelief, a few other life guards have quit in protest.