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IKEA Remove Women In Catalog Angers Saudi Women

Saudi women have long been taking the back seat to their male counterparts. Seeing women’s images removed in an Ikea catalog shows that reality. The Swedish-based retailer airbrushed images of women in their annual catalog that were shipped to the religiously conservative Islamic kingdom. Many people were upset about the images being removed including Sweden’s…

Drifting In Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

car drifting in Saudie Arabian street while people watched

Saudi Arabian men drift in public streets. Drifting is a stunt where a car skids and spins in high speeds. The stunt is considered reckless and dangerous. However, celebrities sensationalize it. Drifting has become popular in Saudi Arabia. The stunt originated from Japan. It is a high risk adrenaline rush that The movie Fast and…

Car Crashes Into Ditch Hits Man

car flipped over from the highway

This video was taken in Saudi Arabia. A car somehow diverts itself from traffic and crashes into the side of the highway. Bystanders looked shocked after witnessing the car flip over several times and hit a man. The man who was hit flipped through the air. The condition of the driver and the man who…