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Dolphin Bites Girl In SeaWorld Florida

This little girl was feeding the dolphins at SeaWorld Florida and was bit by one of them. Eight-year-old Jillian Thomas was having a fun time feeding the dolphins in SeaWorld Florida. Her parents were videotaping her while she continued to feed them. When Jillian ran out of fish to give out, she held up the…

Killer Whale Attacking Trainer (VIDEO)

killer whale grabbing trainer by the foot

A killer whale attacking a Sea World trainer was released in court. The incident happened in 2006 during a training session. The orca grabbed the trainer by the leg and dragged him underwater. The trainer was able to get away and immediately swam to safety. He suffered a broken foot from the incident. The video…

3 Men Kidnap Penguin From SeaWorld and Videotaped It

Three young men kidnapped a penguin from Sea World in Australia and videotaped their shenanigans. Not only did they steal a penguin, they also went skinny dipping with the dolphins. Apparently, the men aged from their late teens and early twenties, were drunk. Their behaviour reminds us of the movie “The Hangover.” But instead of…