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Driver Plows Car To PG&E Worker Because He Was Black

FULL VIDEOS BELOW A man claiming he was Jesus tried to kill a PG & E worker because he was black. In west Fresno, California, a man claiming he was Jesus plowed his car to a PG & E worker, pinning him between the car and his truck, because the worker was black. Kai, a…

Baby Flung Out Of Car And Survives (VIDEO)

A baby gets flung out of a car after their car spun out of control in the highway. A camera on a set on a car dashboard caught the accident. The driver of the car tried to pass others and didn’t realize how slippery the road was. As the car spun around of control, it…

Woman Falls Asleep Gets Hit By A Truck (VIDEO)

a scooter approaching a truck head on A Russian woman falls asleep while riding a scooter and gets hit by a truck. The video was posted on YouTube Wednesday morning. The woman was riding her scooter down a two-lane highway while a car with a dash cam captured the accident on video. The woman reportedly fell asleep while on her scooter….