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Taylor Swift Got “Kanye’d” At People’s Choice Awards (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift was “Kanye’d” at the People’s Choice Awards. But this time, it was all in good fun.

Olivia Munn and co-host Johnny Galecki presented the Choice Country Artist.


Just before presenting the award, the hosts were joking around mentioning how “country” they are. Munn even sang Swift’s song “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and said the song was written about her.

When Taylor Swift was announced the winner, Munn kept up with the act. She joked, “Well this is awkward.”


As Swift held her award, Munn tried to playfully grab it from her interrupting the songstress’ acceptance speech. Swift laughs and responds by saying “this always happens.”

“And it will always happen,” Munn joked. “This is your lot in life.”

Of course, we all know that they’re referring to the infamous Kanye West interruption at the 2009 VMAs.

Taylor Swift wore an ultra low cut white dress by Ralph Lauren and thanked her fans for “caring about her and supporting her music.”

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  • Xamption

    Taylor Swift is so annoying >_<

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Who is that ghastly woman? How rude!

  • Tittary

    The host seems rather rude, but not in a witty or entertaining way.

  • Gracia

    I feel people seem to resent Taylor’s success. She’s hardly an ‘artist’ but leave her alone kids :(

  • Elly

    Beautiful, glamorous dress but it looks too mature for Taylor.

  • Clara

    Awww!! poor kid. Love Taylor. She seems so sweet!!

  • Hussain

    Congratulation Swift!