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Teen Activisit Shot By Taliban

Teen activist Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban this week.

In November 2011, CNN’s Reza Sayah interviewed the teen activist. She told him that women and children have rights. The right for education and freedom is what she is fighting for.

Malala was attacked in the north-western Swat Valley and has been in critical condition since. She was shot in the head.

The Taliban accused the girl of “promoting secularism” and stated that she will be targeted again.

Widespread protest against the shooting erupted in Pakistan.

Officials in Pakistan have also offered a reward of 10m rupee ($105,000) for information that could lead to the arrest of the attackers.

The young activist gained people’s attention at age 11 when wrote a diary for BBC Urdu about life under Taliban rule.

The Taliban took control of the Swat Valley where Malala lived in 2007. The militants forced girls’ schools to close.

Protestor praised the Malala’s bravery. Others call the attack un-Islamic.

Watch her interview with CNN on November 2011:

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  • Mark Fuller

    Seems all of the country is full of crime.. Bad, very bad :(

  • Rahim Zafar

    Hey, Pakistan isn’t a place of crime and I don’t know why you guys are saying that it is a hated land too. Most of the Pakistani people are gentle but a few of them are hated and for those bitches this country can’t be go ahead.

    • Althea

      Hi Rahim, have you been to Pakistan or are you a Pakistani, to say that? I think I got your point. Not all of the people in there are fond of crimes.

  • Amanda

    Pakistan is a very problematic country. There are lots of critics, activist and terrorists! What a shame they even try to kill their fellow countrymen.

    • Rayan

      It’s may be their regular rule!

      • Mahbub

        Exactly Rayan!

  • Hillary

    Thanks she was safe now. Taliban group has no exception, they kill who they want.

  • Masum

    I’m really very sad to hear that. I’ve read about it in many blogs yesterday. The Taliban’s were try to kill her but, god help this poor girl :(

  • Louie

    Terrorist would never stop causing problem! Malala was a target, I guess, because of her popularity as an activist. They just want to inform everyone that they still exist. :-(

  • Amber

    Malala is quite brave for her young age. I do believe that this terrorist envy her because a teen like her can fight and express what she feels in her own simple way.

  • Rahim Zafar

    The Telibani soldiers thinks Malala will spread the world about their bloody acts.

    • Amanda

      I do think so, this is the reason why they shoot Malala.

  • Sheri

    Huh.. Again Pakistan!! This country is gonna be hell. I don’t understand, why the terrorist of this country wanna kill her? Obviously mad!!

  • Mahbub

    Poor Malala :( Your country is hated to all not only for your issue but also for their bloody Blasphemy law and the Taliban. I think your country will never stand out in this world.