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Woman Has Invisible Baby


A Brazilian woman accuses a hospital for stealing her baby when she was told her pregnancy was “psychological.”

Layane Santos, 19, was said to be in her 38th week of pregnancy. She was rushed to a hospital in Sao Paulo due to abdominal pain and blood loss.

During her pregnancy, she received pre-natal treatment including recordings of the size of the baby and measuring the baby’s fetal heart beats.

Layane had an ultra-sound done which showed the baby was going to be girl weighing around 7 lbs and measuring 42cm.

The kitchen assistant and her husband Lourival Alves, 28, had already picked the name Sofia for their daughter as well as move to a bigger home.

The couple also spent $3000 on baby clothes and furniture.

The day before the baby was supposed to be born, Layane went into Santa Casa Maua hospital for a regular check-up but suffered pain and bleeding while she was there.

She was transferred to the operating room where a C-section was performed.

The doctors claimed that they found no baby in her womb. She was told that her ‘pregnancy’ had been psychological.

Mr. Alves said he came into the operating room where the doctor showed him the “empty womb”. The doctor told him that the pregnancy was psychological.

Layane became hysterical when her husband told her about what the doctors said.

“I asked about the doctor, I wanted to speak with him because I had entered the hospital with a baby inside me but I was leaving without one.”

“I can’t believe that a child who weighed 7lbs could just disappear in blood.”

“I think they stole the baby, or the baby died while she was being delivered and they didn’t want to tell us what happened. There’s no way she could have just vanished from one moment to the next.”

Santa Casa de Maua hospital said that the tests that were done proved that there was no baby. However, they decline to show these results.

The couple’s lawyer have recently asked a judge to seize Layane’s hospital records.

Apparently, psychological pregnancy is a phenomena that is possible if the woman “has an overwhelming desire to have a child,” according to Sylvia Cavalcanti from the Brazilian Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

“This can cause the cessation of menstruation due to hormonal changes. She will feel nausea, vomiting, in fact everything she has read about a normal pregnancy.”

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  • Yeni Lozano

    I smell bull. They stole the baby.

  • max

    If atleast we were told how long the couple has been married, we could be able to conclude whether the pregnancy was psychological or not

  • Julia lucy

    Why didn’t the doctors where this woman went for her post natal clinic discover that the pregnancy was psychological

  • Griffins

    There is a possibility that the hospital stole the baby.

  • Florence Kiddy

    If the result show that the woman was not pregnant, then why did the hospital decline to show these results?