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Woman Raised By Monkeys

Mom says she was raised by monkeys for 5 years.

Marina Chapman, 62, says she was kidnapped and abandoned.

She said she spent five years with Capuchin monkeys in the Colombian jungle. She survived by catching birds and rabbits.

She was taken by hunters and sold to a brothel. Chapman was able to escape to Britain.

She met with a church organist and then later married him. They married in 1977.

Her daughter, Vanessa, said Chapman raised them in an “unusual way.”

She said. “When we wanted food, we’d have to make noises.”

Chapman’s story has now turned into a book and there are talks of making a documentary.

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  • Clara

    So we can call her “Tarzana” 😉

  • Adam Kimberlin

    I can’t believe this story. Huhhh, she is a jungle girl >)

  • Angel

    Dumb broad >;<

  • Yoga Lee

    Things we learn in life can make us aware not everyone has a pretty easy world……

  • Povoloski

    Hmmm, Marina kind of looks like a monkey in that picture 😉 haahaaa

  • Tim Clerk

    I think, she should have just written a novel instead of trying to dupe the public with this ridiculous story.

  • Favio

    She is a British housewife. tsk, tsk. You know, They all say that..

  • Daniel

    I definitely believe this story. Then again I also believe in, The Jolly Green Giant, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Loch Ness Monster. Doesn’t everybody?

  • Rayan

    Interesting! It’s like “TARZAN”!