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Woman With One Arm Looks For A Job

A woman with one arm looks for a job.

Tisha Shelton has a degree, but has had a hard time looking for a job since July. When all else failed, she made a video youtube of her life to try and impress employers of what she can do.

In her video, she shows how she lives day to day. She shows her talents from making a sandwich, driving a car with her feet, and writing with her toes. She wants to let employers know that having no arms does not make her a liability.

Although the job market hasn’t taken notice, her video has gone viral and inspired hundreds. Her video has hit a million views to date.

Tisha Sheldon screen shot from youtube video

woman who has no arms look for a job

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  • Hussain

    Don’t worry Tisha. We’ll get a job soon.. Just praying for you…

  • Ripper G

    Really it’s an inspirational story for us. She must get a job and I know she has the ability to do stuff like us. Go ahead Tisha. You must win !!!

  • Lou

    FTD posted a very inspiring story! I like this…

  • Chris Benison

    She should not worry. Through this video, every employer would see her potential.

  • Karen

    Her video is very inspirational! I admire her so much…

  • Anne

    Go Tisha Shelton, don’t lose hope! We are praying for you that you would get a job soon!

  • Allen

    Oh, you are an inspiration to everyone! I hope you get what you’re aiming for!

  • Hillary

    It is not impossible to get a job if she is skilled for the job she is applying for! Let’s pray for her success..

  • Sheena

    She gives an inspiration to everyone! Nothing is impossible if you have faith in what you believe! I know she could get a great job..

  • Eden

    She was really determined to get a job, in spite of her disabilities! I adore her!