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Zombie Attack On China Subway

Have zombies reached China? A man attacks another man in a subway car in China.

One man has the other one pinned down. While he pushes the guy down, he also bites his hand and fingers. It appears the man is bleeding from the bites on his body.

Both fall down from the subway’s seats and continue to struggle.

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  • JhonX

    But, what is the reason for their fight?

    • Tom Warrior

      May be women related issue 😉

  • Ripper G

    First I thought that they were wrestling! But, actually it’s a zombie attack 😉 lollllzzz

  • Tittery

    Zombies have arrived in China!

  • Dannah

    a real zombie! I thought they didn’t exist..

  • Natalie

    I thought china is a peaceful country.. Seeing this makes me feel unsafe travelling there! I am afraid of zombie like people. 😉

  • Stacy

    Any one could help that bleeding man? Oh.. those people on that subway train seems enjoyed watching that zombie man!

    • Madeline

      Maybe they were just afraid to help. Honestly I wouldn’t step in either

  • Kelly Johnson

    This man gone so mad! I felt sorry to the man he attacked!

  • Allen

    Horrible bloody fight! I would agree that he is a zombie!

  • Ayesha

    Me too was shocked seeing this video and there is no one ever tried to stop them!

  • Lyssa

    Oh I was shocked seeing this. I hate bloody fight. Scary..