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Nine-Year-Old Girl Shoots & Kills Instructor With Uzi CAUGHT ON CAMERA

August 28, 20140 Comments

Turkish Guy High on Drugs Took a Perfect Dive…From the Roof!

August 18, 20142 Comments

Mom’s Dream Car Surprise from Her Son

August 14, 20140 Comments

Prankster Hit for Sagging Pants Prank in the Hood!

August 14, 20140 Comments

Crying Baby Turned Hip-Hop Dancer!

August 14, 20140 Comments

Toddler Kicked for a Cat Fight!

August 14, 20140 Comments

A Female Superhero Pitches A Movie

August 11, 20140 Comments

VitalyzdTV Runs Across Field at World Cup Finals 2014

July 14, 20140 Comments

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (VitalyzdTV) invading the pitch and getting tackled by stewards! FIFA World Cup final 2014 (Germany vs Argentina)

Why can’t people just be happy for people :-)

July 2, 20140 Comments

Why can't people just be happy for people :-) #BeHappy #Haters
Why can’t people just be happy for people :-) #BeHappy #Haters

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