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2 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by African Dogs at Pittsburgh Zoo

A 2 year old toddler was mauled to death by African Painted Dogs at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. The mother placed her son on the top of the railing so he could get a better view. He then fell over the ledge, off of the mesh barrier and into the enclosed area. The endangered species, formed a ‘pack mentality’ and attacked, when the boy fell off the ledge. He did not stand a chance with 11 of the dogs and rescuers were unsuccessful in getting to him in time.

The response from the rescue team was quick, but the dogs were too aggressive. Darts were fired at the dogs to scare them and one was shot and killed by police. Unfortunately it was not enough and the damage had been done. It is still unclear whether the boy died from the fall or the attack. In this situation we hope that it was from the fall and not from the dogs.

Below are two photos from a virtual reenactment:

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  • Lucy

    And that why, I don’t like to visit the zoo :(

  • Kevin

    Feeling sorry for the boy :(

  • Hussain

    Very sad for the boy. You can never fully prepare for the stupid things people will do.

  • Unnamed

    The definition of idiot is a foolish or stupid person. As sorry as I am for her loss, I’d say that pretty much covers this woman.

  • Mark Fuller

    So sad. Hope the little angel was unconscious before the dogs got to him. Horrifying.

  • Rayan

    I’m surprised nobody jumped in after the kid!