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Army Moms Breastfeed In Uniform. Right or Wrong?

two moms breastfeeding their children wearing military uniforms

As Time Magazine’s controversial breastfeeding story dies down, a photo of uniformed military moms breastfeeding surfaced on the web. This photo has added to the ongoing debate of whether it is appropriate or inappropriate to breastfeed in public. Many people consider it a disgrace to the uniform and the image was compared to urinating and…

Porn Actor Sends Severed Body Parts to Ottawa

picture of Luka Magnotta sitting on couch

Watch the latest video at A gruesome package of severed body parts was sent to Ottawa and other places allegedly by a porn actor living in Montreal. Police have identified the suspect in this case as 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta. They believe that he is originally from Toronto, but was renting an apartment in…

Boy Witnesses Mother Killed In Drive By

boy helping mother beside SUV

A boy witnessed his mother shot in a drive by shooting in Brazil. The video showed the boy come out of their SUV to cross the street. A second later, a motorcycle approached the vehicle from behind. It slowed down beside the SUV and open fired inside the SUV. The SUV was left rolling with…

Best Lip Dub – “Call Me Maybe” (VIDEO)

kids singing in front of camera

Here’s another one of Youtube’s trending videos. A lip dub of “Call Me Maybe” has been getting a lot of views on Youtube. It is a mixture of lip dub and dance choreography. Well… somewhat of a dance choreography. The video is a montage of people and celebrities lip dubbing to the song. The Harvard…

Dolphin Attacks Residents In Louisiana

warning sign in Louisiana

Watch the latest video at Wild dolphin had been attacking residents in Louisiana. Dolphins had always been considered as peaceful, fun-loving animals. However, recent reports in Louisiana surfaced about a rogue dolphin biting residents and tourists in their community. Resident, Greg Walters, described how he was bit by the dolphin. The dolphin pulled him…

Little Boy Singing A Homophobic Song In Church

little boy singing in front of church

This video features a little boy singing a homophobic song in church while other churchgoers cheered him on. While most of the song’s lyrics were inaudible, the part where the boy sang, “Ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven” was quite clear. As the boy continued to sing the song, churchgoers cheered and clapped….