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Couple Tear Down Neighbor’s Home For View

million dollar home demolished to make a garden

Homeowners in California destroyed their neighbors home to give themselves a view. Mark and Sharon Winslow own a house that is worth 19.2 million dollars. It is a 5 story house with a 60 foot pool and situated on the bay. So what was missing? A garden and a view. The owners decided to purchase…

Lindsay Lohan Suicide Images (Photos)

Photographer Terry Richardson posted controversial images of Lindsay Lohan with a gun in her mouth. Richardson has since removed the photos of the 25-year-old which caused quite a stir on the internet. Instead he posted sexy pictures of Lohan wearing a see-through bra and underwear. But of course, the images have already circulated on the…

Google Glass Preview With ABCNews

google glass preview

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Google Glass Designer gave ABCNews a preview of the Google glass. Are the glasses a convenience or a distraction? Joanna Stern from ABCNews describes it as a distraction at first. But in the end Stern liked its features. According to Google glass designer, Isabelle Olsson, the glass may look a…

Miami Face-eater Was Not On Bath Salts

Rudy Eugene - Miami face-eater

  Test shows Miami face-eater only had marijuana in his body. Toxicology performed on Rudy Eugene shows that there was no other drug in his system except for marijuana. “The department’s toxicology laboratory has identified the active components of marijuana,” the medical examiner said in a statement, according to NBC Miami. “The laboratory has tested…

Kate Upton Boobs Fall Out In Park

Kate Upton posing in front of Sports Illustrated cover

Sports Illustrated covergirl got booted from Santa Monica Pier for showing too much skin during a photo shoot.  The 19-year-old model and her crew were told by security officials to leave. Upton apparently had a wardrobe malfunction while she was in one of the fairground rides. Upton was working on a photo shoot for GQ…