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Woman Having SEX With 100,000 Men – Ania Lisewska

A Polish woman, Ania Lisewska, wants to sleep with 100,000 men. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Sleeping With 100,000 Men: – Teacher Rape Student Gets 30 days in Jail: – Chun-Li Is Jealous: – Blanka Is A troll; – Insensitive Selfies?: – Pageant Answer FAIL:

14 yr Old Boy Looks Like 110 yr Old Man – Ali Hussain

A 14-year-old boy, Ali Hussain, has been left with the body of a 110-year-old because he has a rare disease which makes him age eight times faster than normal. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Boy Looks 110 years old: – Retaliation Against Syria Gas Attack: – No More Video Responses On YouTube: – Zimmerman Getting $200,000…

Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” Twerking – MTV VMA 2013

Miley Cyrus performs We Can’t Stop at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and causes controversy as she twerks on Robin Thicke. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – MTV VMA Highlights Playlist: – Miley Cyrus MTV VMA 2013: – Woman Top Less Interview: – Man Locked In Stone Cell For 30 Years:

Taylor Swift Dancing On Jennifer Lopez – “Jenny From the Block” at Staples Center

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez perform Jenny From The Block at Staples Centre Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA. The performance was part of Tayl;or Swift’s Red Tour. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Taylor Swift & J-Lo Performance: – 8 year old Shoots 90 year old Woman: – Woman In Coma Gets Pregnant:

Nerve Gas Terrorist Attack In Syria Caught On Tape

Video footage and images emerged showing the aftermath of a poison gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus that wiped out 1,300 people as they lay sleeping in their beds. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Nerve Gas Attack In Syria : – Nerve Gas Attack Videos 1: – Nerve Gas Attack Video 2: – Sinkhole Swallows Trees: –…

32 yr Old Woman Looks 9 Months Old – Maria Audete do Nascimento

32 year old Maria Audete do Nascimento looks like a 9 month old baby. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – 32 yr Old Looks 9 Months Old: – PS4 Release Date Announced: – PS4 Vids, Pics, and Info: – Fred Is Gay: – Mean Letter To Autistic Teen: