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A student lost his finger in an accident at school

A third grade student lost part of his finger in a classroom accident last Thursday.

Daniel Lopez, a student at Rodriguez elementary school, was injured by a door that was accidentally slammed on his finger. His mother, Jennifer Lopez, was upset that school
administrators did not seem to care about the boy’s injury. She said that the school waited for her to pick up her son instead of calling paramedics. She was also told by the school that the hospital knew about the accident and that hospital staff were waiting for their arrival. However, when they arrived at the hospital, she was disappointed to find out that the hospital did not know about the accident.

She hopes that the school takes responsibility for their negligence. After this horrible experience, Mrs. Lopez is concerned about her other children at the elementary school. She suggests that school administrators should be properly trained on how to handle serious situations such as these.

  • Hussain

    It,s really horrible experience.