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61 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins

A 61-year-old woman from Brazil gave birth to twins.

Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti gave birth for the first time with the help of in vitro fertilization.

Dr. Orlando de Castro Neto, a reproduction specialist, assisted the woman and her husband with the pregnancy.

Astri had frozen her eggs ten years ago. They were left over from the ones she tried getting pregnant from in 2002.

When the couple could not conceive, they decided to adopt. However, their application was rejected due to their age.

They sought the help of Neto and were finally successful with in vitro.

Asti’s husband said, “I will love these children very much and work hard to put food in their mouths.”

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  • Clara

    What will be their name(twin kids)?

  • Duncun

    Hey, Congratzz!! Hope they will live long :)

  • JhonX

    Congratulations to the couple!