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8-Year-Old Big Bird Fan To Romney: “You Find Something Else To Cut Off!”

An 8-year-old Alabama girl wrote a letter to Romney after hearing the governor talk about cutting off PBS.

The letter was written by Cecelia Crawford. She wrote that she is a fan of “Sesame Street” and it was her “favourite show on earth.”

She also tells Romney that when she grows up she wants her kids to watch it too.

She then says, “You find something else to cut off!”

Cecelia’s mother mailed the letter to Romney’s campaign headquarters and to The Huffington Post.

Read the 8-year-old Cecelia’s letter here:

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  • Kim Ziban

    I’m also a crazy fan of that. I’m totally shocked to heard that.. :-(

  • Mahbub

    The Sesame Street show isn’t only favorite in US but also other country like Bangladesh and it’s now much favorite to the kids. They can learn many things from it. Actually I think the kids can learn their primary education like Alphabet, Number, Rhyme, Story telling etc form this show. So, it’ll be a worst decision if Romney do like this.

  • David

    Kids these days has a wide range of ideas! Cecelia is the best example!

  • Dannah

    Even in a young age she knows what she want! Children nowadays has a better way to complain. :-)

  • Lyssa

    Cecelia Crawford is brave enough to write her concerns, she is one of the million fan of Sesame Street. Romney should put into consideration the young one’s if he pursue that decisions.

  • Hillary

    If I were the little girl, I probably do the same thing! I hate Romney, he should mind other great problem of the State instead!

  • Kelly Johnson

    I think this little kid passionately adore Sesame Street. She wanted to share this wonderful feeling to her future children! I cannot blame her, I myself do love Sesame Street too!

  • Lynne Smith

    Even kids know what’s best! Children and grown up people have memories to treasure with Sesame Street. I think it is not right to cut them off!

  • Hyder

    The Sesame Street is popular to all over the country and children can learn much from it with fun.

  • Maria

    Great work by Cecelia Crawford. Actually the kids of US likes this show very much. I’ve two kids, who are the craziest fan of Sesame Street. So, I think it won’t be a good job if Romney doesn’t change his decision.