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9-year-old Girl Gives Birth To Baby In Mexico (VIDEO)

A 9-year-old girl delivers a 5.7 pound baby by cesarean section.


On January 27, Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco, an area in western Mexico, admitted a pregnant 9-year-old girl named Dafne. She was 39 weeks pregnant and the hospital had to perform a cesarean section to deliver her 5.7 pound baby.

The boy who impregnated Dafne at the age of 8 was reportedly 17 years old. Dafne’s mother told The Telegraph that they do not know where the boy is.

“The father is a boy who is 17, but we have not found him, since he ran away,” Dafne’s mother told officials.

Spokesperson from Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office, Lino Gonzalez Corona, said that they are uncertain if the girl is “being entirely truthful” because of her young age.

Women from the Wayuu tribe
Women from the Wayuu tribe

Dafne is part of an indigenous tribe from Columbia and Venezuela called the Wayuu. According to the IBTimes, giving birth at a young age was typical of the Wayuu customs.

According to ABC, Dafne is one of 11 children and that parents were unable to keep an eye on her while they worked. Corona told ABC that the possibility of rape or child sex abuse is still being looked into.

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  • Shalon Marcars

    The government need to do something and do it fast before things get out of hand,

  • Daniel Micheal

    It seems like elders of this particullar community encourage this immorality amongest the young one’s.

  • Dalumas Nick

    If it is typical for the Wayuu customs giving birth at a young age, there is no causing mayhem over this story.

  • Griffins

    This generation is really the cursed one, Jesus have mercy and help us.

  • Abigeal Roy

    Oh my God, a baby at the age of nine,That’s no funny at all.