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ABC Nightline iPad Factory Tour: Chinese workers only making $1.50 per hour.

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A short teaser of an upcoming exclusive look at an Apple factory in China was released MOnday night. Foxconn, is the biggest manufacturing company in Chengdun China that assembles Apple’s in demand iDevices.

The 90-second teaser is a setting for Tuesday’s Nightline segment, Bil Wier will walk viewers through the “hidden  corner of our world.” It sheds light on the working day of employees at two Foxconn branches in Chengdu and Shenzen. He will also cover controversies regarding horrible working conditions, worker suicides and low wage.

Foxconn is the biggest manufacturer of electronics to North America. It facilities employs about 235,000 employees, roughly the population of Orlando, Florida.

The Nighttime segment will feature workers who travel long distance by bus to get a chance to assemble iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other devices, in return earning only $1.50 per hour.

News of these controversies have prompted Apple to take action. On February 13, Apple announced that it joined the Fair labor Association to launch investigation into working conditions at Foxconn and other assembly facilities. However, according to Reuters, FLA President Auret van Heerden said that conditions in Foxconn’s Chengdu and Shenzen facilities seemed better than average at first. Later, Heerden said that inspectors were “finding tons of issues” at the Shenzen plant, according to a Bloomberg interview published on February 17.

As per Reuters, Foxconn announced that it had increased salaries by as much as 25 percent in February after the reports. This brings the monthly salary of junior-level workers to $290.

Forbes has pointed out the close ties between ABC and Apple which raises a possibility of conflict of interest.

Forbes’s E.D. Kain stated that ABC’s parent company is Disney Corporation. The top executive at Disney, CEO Bob Iger, sits on Apple’s Board. “Meanwhile, the late Steve Jobs (and now his family) are the biggest individual shareholders of Disney.”

Will ABC’s Nightline show the real deal or will they cover up the controversies plaguing these facilities?