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Acid Attack Victim Gets A New Face

Nubia Espitia acid attack victim pictureNubia Espitia, a colombian business woman, described how she was walking to her mother’s house one day when two people approached her. One of them was holding a cup filled with liquid. The person threw the acid-filled cup at her. Espitia did not realize what was in the cup at first until the hospital confirmed that it was acid.

She suffered burns and injury to her neck and face. She has been covering her face for the last 5 years.

Dr Alan Gonzalez, a plastic surgeon, helps women reconstruct their face who had been victims of acid attacks. The doctor had been helping many people with face reconstruction. Some of his patients were soldiers whose faces were burned from combat.

Gonzalez performs reconstruction surgery for acid attack victims free of charge. He has already helped 5 women in the last 2 years. Two more are waiting for their turn.

Acid attacks are common in Colombia.

Acid costs around $2 in Colombia which allows anyone to obtain the liquid easily. Colombian congress is working on regulating the sale of acid and working on a law that would put attackers behind bars.

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