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Actress Misled By Anti-Islam Filmmaker

Actress, Lily Dionne, says she was misled by anti-muslim film producer.

She answered a Craigslist ad to play in an action adventure film called “Desert Warrior.” The low-budget movie turned out to be an anti-Islam film that provoked bloody riots in many parts of the Muslim world.

Dionne said she was overwhelmed when she heard news of the violent mobs that attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi which left Ambassador Christ Stevens and three other Americans dead.

“I was shaking when I found out. I had no idea,” Dionne told CNN. She thought no one would see this movie.

The filmmaker was known as Sam Bacile. However, federal officials say his real name may be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. According to reports, he is a convicted felon who hides behind aliases.

Nakoula is believed to be behind the low-budget film “Innocence of Muslims.” The film portrays the Prophet Mohammed as a womanizer, killer, and child molester.

The film was released on YouTube by anti-Islam groups in the United States. It was initially ignored by most people in the U.S. However, when an Egyptian television aired segments of the film, riots erupted in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Dionne says there were 79 cast and crew who worked on the film. She claims all of them were “grossly misled” by Nakoula.

Right from the beginning, Dionne, the cast, and crew thought it was odd that the main character in an “Arabian Desert adventure film” had a Western name.

“We did wonder what it was about. They kept saying George. And we were like, ‘This is the Middle East 2,000 years ago. Who’s George?” she told CNN.

After shooting ending, she and others were asked to come in to dub lines. They were told to say worlds like ‘Mohammed.’ They thought it was odd, but did what they were told.

In the end, the final film became an anti-Islamic movie about the Prophet Mohammed.

Cindy Garcia, another actress who worked on the film, said she spoke with the producer when she heard news of the riots.

“He said he wrote the scrip because he wants the Muslims to quit killing,” Garcia said.

The cast and crew released a statement that they were “extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the film producer.”

They were “shocked by the drastic rewrites of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred.”

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