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Afghan Schoolgirls Poisoned For Getting an Education

Girls at a northeastern Afghanistan school were admitted to the hospital Tuesday. According to an official, the girls became sick from drinking water.

They believe that the water was poisoned by an opponent of education for girls.

Before the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the Taliban banned girls from attending schools. Women had no rights under Taliban rule.

District governor, Mohammad Hussain, said, “I think some radical elements who oppose girls going to school are behind this act.” The police are reportedly looking into the incident.

The schoolgirls suffered symptoms of nausea and headaches after drinking water from a tank at the high school in Takhar.

According to Reuters, Haffizullah Safi, head of the Takhar’s public health department said that this was “not a natural illness. It’s an intentional act to poison schoolgirls.”

One hundred fifty girls are reportedly in critical condition. An investigation has been launched regarding the incident.

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