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Alicia Silverstone Racy Photos In Bullet Magazine (PHOTOS)

Alicia Silverstone posing seductive and twirling her hair

Alicia Silverstone’s racy new shoot in Bullet magazine.

Here are some background information about Alicia for those who don’t know her.

The 35-year-old shot to fame as Cher in the 90s movie, Clueless. She was 18 then. She gave birth to her first child last year. Tabloids slammed her for feeding her child food that she has chewed herself. She is an avid PETA campaigner. And she is still smoking hot!

The Bullet magazine photo shoot features Alicia wearing lingerie posing seductively in front of cameras. She’s seen teasingly twirling her hair on one side in one photo.
Alicia Silverstone squeezing her breasts

Alicia Silverstone posing seductively

Alicia Silverstone wearing bra for Bullet Magazine

Another one shows off her nicely toned butt by using the Marilyn Monroe dress-lifting pose.

Alicia Silverstone showing off toned butt

In the interview, Silverstone told the magazine that she struggled to prove her intelligence after playing the airhead, Cher, in Clueless.

She describes an interview she did in London about the movie.

“I remember doing interviews in London for some movie at the time, and the interviewers would want to talk about the movie, of course, but all I wanted to talk about was murder.”

“They probably expected me to be like the Clueless character, but instead I was sitting there saying stuff like, ‘And then they anally electrocute!’ I pretty much bummed everyone out.”

Alicia is working with her Clueless director, Amy Heckerling, on a vampire flick called Vamps. It is set to release in October.

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