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  • Louie

    If this is real, this is a best tattoo ever! But this only applicable those who doesn’t have presentable legs, to cover up. LOL.. What do you think?

  • Felice

    The legs looks like a robot, for me. LOL

  • Regina

    I think this not real! LOL Nice legs anyway!

  • Oliver

    What a tattoo! Really amazing!

  • Georgina

    Her legs are great! Too bad she put a tattoo on it! I hope it is not real. 😉

  • Wonder Girl

    I do not know that there is a 3D tattoo!??? Awesome photo!

  • Christine Marie

    Hmm… I do not really like tattoos but this one rocks!

  • Bobby

    I wonder how it hurts to put huge tattoo in the legs?

  • Angelie

    Is this for real? totally amazing!

  • Tricia

    I would like to have that 3D tattoo! It is very nice!