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Angry Man @ Australian McDonald’s: “Stop Acting Like Sluts” (VIDEO)

A do-gooder tells three young women to “Stop acting like sluts” at a McDonald’s in Innaloo, Western Australia.

Three drunken women wanted Big Mac’s at a McDonald’s after a night of clubbing.

In the video, two of the three girls can be seen being pestering McDonald’s employees and patrons. She reached over the serving counter and propped herself up on top of it while another reached over the counter interrupting the McDonald’s employee.


A man, who witnessed the girls climbing on the McDonald’s serving counter, approached them. He pulled the girl off the McDonald’s counter and told them to “Stop acting like sluts.”

The man was apparently upset because he wanted to eat his meal in peace, but the girls were being a nuisance.

The argument went on for a few minutes, but the video doesn’t show if there was any solution to the argument.

The video was posted on YouTube on March 11. It has since received more then 300,000 views over night.

The Sun suggests the video got its name:”Stop Acting Like Sluts,” because the Aussie girls made sexual advances towards McDonald’s staff” just before the man stepped in.

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  • Hannah Peters

    They really acted like sluts.