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Architect Makes Blood Bricks to be Used in Lesser Developed Countries

Jack Monroe, a London based architect has devised a way of combining animal blood with sand to make bricks. His project was to find a more sustainable way of building homes in less developed countries, such as Africa. His project has created some controversy but he defends himself by stating that concrete and steel is not readily available in those countries. They need to use the resources that are economically beneficial to them. Monroe wants to build a prototype house using these ‘blood bricks’ in Egypt.

He used 30 litres of blood to create each brick and mixes the blood with an anti-coagulant and a preservative to keep the blood from rotting.

He bakes the bricks in an oven for an hour but there are still many factors to consider when creating the bricks such as humidity control.

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  • Mahbub

    In developing countries they wouldn’t have the amount of blood required to make much I’m sure, but they do have plenty of mud.

  • Liz

    What an utterly repellant idea!

  • Maria

    This is vile and disgusting >_<

  • Irena

    Where is PETA? I should call them for that :(

  • William B

    So how much blood would be required to make enough bricks to build even a small house?

  • Elly

    1800 liters of blood per square meter of brickwork. That’s a lot of blood?

  • Favio

    Shocking news for me!! Animals are not for making homes out of. How sick have some of our members of our society become?

  • Adam Kimberlin

    It’ll really a great step for developing countries like Africa or India.

  • Rayan

    What a way!