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Artist Uses Finger As Art

An Italian artist uses his fingers as his canvass.

We all used finger puppets when we were kids. It was hours of amusement. Now, this artist took ‘finger puppets’ a step further.

The artist from Bologna created versions of different people from the Dalai Lama to Hitler. Even creating a version of Steve Jobs.

He signs his work as Dito Von Tease. Dito for ‘il dito’ meaning “the finger.”

Von Tease started the ‘Ditology’ project after looking for an avatar to use for his profile picture on Facebook.

He has tackled characters like Shrek, Micky Mouse, Spock and even Hannibal Lecter.

Check out the Thumb-art here, do you recognize them?

  • Allen

    Wow.. only a great artist could do this….

  • JhonX

    It’s really creative idea. I’m appreciating to this artist.

  • Clara

    Once I watched a documentary on Discovery Channel about a man who can art anything on paddy! And today, I’m surprised again to see this finger art!! Really superb 😉

  • Masum

    Undoubtedly he is a great artist! I’m totally amazed to see his work!

  • Gerry C

    I’m really charmed to see that. It’s absolutely a brilliant idea by this Italian artist. Finger Art!! Haa.. Thanks FTD anyway for posting this 😉

  • Tim Clerk

    So cute : ) Especiallynthe puppets of Christ, Steve Jobs and Gaddafi.

    • &i

      and the one of Berlusconi ^^

  • Favio

    Genius artist. I like his work and already shared it through FB 😉

  • Duncun

    This artist is make an epic by his creativity. Hope he’ll placed soon himself in Guinness World Record!!

  • Gracia

    Different idea! Really awesome! Just wondering how he create this puppets!!

  • Bresnan

    Wow.. Amazing!! Just a bunch of thanks to the artist!