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Asian Kid Attacked and Jumped by 7 Others (Video)

The Chinese man was saying, “please no more, don’t hit me anymore please”. Obviously this guy didn’t do anything and was jumped. His English wasn’t good either. The original poster took the video down for obvious reasons, and in his comments he was proud of his accomplishment This needs to be told! The guy showed his face on camera, we need to catch him.

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  • Mecca92

    any one know where this took place, it looks familiar.

  • Ben

    If i knew this kid in real life i would tell him to follow me and get 7 friends and hold each one of those worthless pieces of shit down and let the kid that got beaten up break their jaw and nose, and whatever he wanted

  • Tauras

    if this would be happen in my school, those assholes would be dead, I’m 6feet 330 puods guy, lucky bitches what not my school

  • K3N0J1N

    As I watched this video I got angry for three reasons; 1.Hate crimes are always an act of ignorance and 2.These WHITE BOYS kept saying nigga and 3.What the fuck was this prick doing recording this shit instead of stopping it!! It’s just fucking wrong!! 

  • fdfdf

    Aww, i get this sudden temptation to invent a time machine go wait with a baseball bat and then fuck them up when they attack.
    … I can’t invent a time machine… i’m just gonna wait to the next hate crime…
    And why the hell were they screaming Nigga, you fucked up.

  • Me

    That was so upsetting, I cried… I hope those guys get caught and get their asses beat

    • Fresh Til Death

      I hear they did get caught. And the camera person was a girl

  • Babble2leeza

    I  sure hope the boy got so me medical help and the 8 boys (one with camera) get punished for their crime.

  • Projectblackoutuse

    lmao this is what happenes when white faggots american kunts think there top shit id fucking chip them all white fucking amercain kunts fuck you america

  • Deceivingmage

    If only I would have saw that happening it would have been over for them, so pathetic.

  • Mzloca2010

    omg that is terrible n those 7 boys are cowards ganging up on him like that I hope they get what’s coming to them 1000x worse