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Man Kills Son by Kissing Him


A baby dies after his father kisses him.

Kaiden McCormick was born five weeks premature and did not survive after contracting herpes.

Doctors told his parents, Carl Maclaren and Marie-Claire McCormick, that Kaiden contracted herpes simplex through the cold sore virus. Carl immediately blamed himself since he knew he had the virus.


Kaiden spent six weeks on life-support, but the doctors were unable to save him. He died when he was two months old.

Marie-Claire told the Daily Mail that she does not blame Carl.

“All he had ever done was shower our baby with love and affection. he had been the perfect father. I hated seeing him punish himself.”

Kaiden was born March 28, 2012. Both Carl and Marie-Claire doted on the him. Every night the couple would give him his bath and spend time kissing and cuddling him before they put him to bed.


Two weeks after his birth, he refused to take his bottle.

Marie-Claire explained that at first she was not worried until she tried again. She noticed that he moaned and that he caught a slight temperature. Then suddenly Kaiden turned blue and stopped breathing.


The couple quickly called an ambulance. Paramedics arrived at their home and rushed them to the hospital. Kaiden was then put on life-support.

Marie-Claire and Carl stayed at his bedside, but doctors later told them that he was unlikely to survive. They told them to consider turning the life-support off.

“A consultant told us his brain was that swollen he was unlikely to pull through. I went into shock. It didn’t make sense that I’d given birth to a perfect baby and now I was being told to let him go before I even knew what was wrong with him.”

Left: Marie-Claire with Kaiden last year. Right: Marie-Claire pregnant with a baby girl.
Left: Marie-Claire with Kaiden last year. Right: Marie-Claire pregnant with a baby girl.

The couple decided to keep Kaiden on life-support for several weeks.

After six weeks, Kaiden still could not breathe by himself and then he started suffering seizures. Doctors again asked the couple to consider switching the machine off.

Marie-Claire said: “We were told there was no hope and as a mother you want to protect your baby from suffering so we made the hardest decision of our lives.”

“We gave permission for the permission to be switched off so he could go to sleep. He was handed to me and I cuddled him and held him as he slipped away.”

“I kissed him and told him how much I loved him and how good it felt to hold him in my arms again as he fell asleep for the last time.”

The hospital told police that the illness was unexplained and no charges were brought against the couple since the death was a tragic accident.

The couple wrote to the health secretary asking for more information to be given to expectant mothers. They also started an e-petition for hospitals to include facts about the virus to be given to new parents.

Marie-Claire is now eight months pregnant and will be giving birth to a baby girl next month.

“She is our reason to live again. But I will never get over losing my son Kaiden. He would have been a fantastic big brother if he hadn’t been taken by a kiss. No baby should ever die because of a kiss,” she said.

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