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Baby Fights Dragon (VIDEO)

Wearing a yellow romper suit just like in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon and Kill Bill, this baby was kung-fu fighting.

A cute baby innocently playing in the yard was suddenly confronted by a cuddly dragon. The dragon kicks the baby’s toy and challenges him. The baby gets ready to fight as “Dragon Baby.”

“Dragon Baby” then gets ready for a showdown. The rampaging dragon at first knocks the baby to the ground.

But the evil dragon’s kung-fu wasn’t a match for Dragon Baby. He quickly shoots a flurry of punches and kicks. At one point hitting his fluffy opponent’s chest and grabs a first full of stuffing.

In this epic battle of cuteness, “Dragon Baby” endures and stands victorious in his fight….with a bit of stuffing clinging to his yellow romper.

The video was created by French Canadian director and comic book creator Patrick Boivin. The cute baby is his son, Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin.

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  • JhonX

    That was just too cute!

  • Leo

    How hilarious! Great job. Thanks for making my day brighter.

  • Clara

    That was freaking sweet. Great job, I’m still laughing :)

  • Povoloski

    That was an awesome video. Especially when he pulls out the stuffing!

  • Tim Clerk

    What a terrific video! For once, a kid who won’t be embarrassed by his baby pictures!

  • Irena

    Cute looking baby!

  • Liz

    Interesting baby!

  • Tom Warrior

    Woww!! Real NINJA! Just like me 😉