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Baby Flung Out Of Car And Survives (VIDEO)

A baby gets flung out of a car after their car spun out of control in the highway.

A camera on a set on a car dashboard caught the accident.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 8.23.48 AM

The driver of the car tried to pass others and didn’t realize how slippery the road was. As the car spun around of control, it hit the side rails and the baby was flung out of the rear end.

You can see how trucks narrowly missed the baby.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 8.24.02 AM

The baby’s parents got out of the car and carried her out of the way. According to thehollywoodgossip, the baby survived the accident.

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  • Willy paul

    The drive was very careless

  • Joseph hill

    What a Lucky kid

  • Griffins

    I don’t understand how the camera captured the accident

  • Winney

    It is a good thing that no one was hurt

  • JONS

    That was a miracle even the track didn’t hit the baby

  • Forstin

    Thanks to the almighty that the baby survived