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Backstreet Boys Gets Hit In Balls With Baseball Bat (VIDEO)

The Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean gets hit in the balls with a baseball bat.

The Boys were doing a photoshoot with photographer Tyler Shields. During a brief break, Nick Carter was caught on tape asking if he could hit AJ with a baseball bat. We’re not sure why he wanted to, but it seems the rest of the Backstreet Boys were behind camera egging them on.

Nick then hits AJ on his legs, but ends up hitting his balls hard.

AJ bends down in pain as the other Boys laugh at their antics.


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  • Ruth Jons

    If am the one he hitted, i could have done the same for a revage

  • Lillian Barni

    Aoch!! so hurt-less human being

  • john Wales

    Did he give a reason of hitting him especially to such sensitive part?

  • William Stephens

    Why were the lest of the boys laughing when their colleague was in pain.

  • Abigeal Ruth

    This is not funny